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Owner Rich Sheldon has been designing and installing home and mobile audio systems for over 25 years. His passion for music and movies is part of his heritage.  Rich’s great-grandfather owned and operated the Tremont Theatre in Norristown, PA.  Here his grandfather, a jazz enthusiast, played live music to accompany the silent movies.  Rich still listens to 78 rpm records on his grandfather’s 1930's vintage Victrola, and to 45's on his mother's 1950 RCA portable record changer.  Of course, he also enjoys today's digital media, and is passionate about turning others onto how great sound and video can be achieved practically and economically. 

Rich founded Sound Logic in 2002, and has been actively working with local residents, retailers and contractors via referral.  The opening of the Trappe, PA location now provides Sound Logic with a means of showcasing work to date, providing customers with "hands-on" experience with a variety of home audio/video equipment, and educating the electronics consumer.

Rich: "Today more than ever, it’s easy for everyone to find a great home audio/video system at a reasonable price.  But many people need help to assure that they are getting the best performance possible from their system. I've been to many homes where people were sold more than what they actually needed, their system was incorrectly installed or set-up, or they just weren’t using the system’s features properly.  Sound Logic is committed to helping the electronics consumer get the most from their investment."