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Overwhelmed by choices and underwhelmed by service?
Sound Logic is committed to working with you to choose the right home audio/video system for your use, maximizing its performance in your home environment, and assuring that it integrates effectively with your tastes and your lifestyle. Sound Logic is dedicated to providing friendly, timely, and ethical service to its clients.

You should take your time.
Spend some time with us -- as much as you need. It's the time you choose, with no distractions, no high pressure sales and no pretense. Bring your favorite DVDs or CDs, or even your iPod or MP3 player. During your appointment, you will experience home audio and video systems in a “real world” setting and get logical advice based on your preferences. Call or e-mail us to make an appointment.

You should make sound, informed decisions.
What are your watching and listening habits? Who in your home will be operating your audio/video system? Where in my home is it most practical and feasible to place an audio/video system? A two channel stereo, or a full home theater? Add to these questions the fact that there are thousands of brands and models of home audio and video equipment available today from any number of sources, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed when picking an AV system. Stop by and discuss your thoughts with us.

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